Biography, her history

Miss Jay Venssa, León (Spain), with 19 years of experience in show business, covering a broad professional spectrum, specialized herself in several aspects of live animation and dancing, going through a constant evolution.

With 9 years of classic ballet studies (she began at 3yo!), she performed in several theatres all around Spain.

From 14 to 24, she worked at an important model agency from Castilla-León, being a crucial part in lots of fashion

shows and TV spots for local/national and international known brands. Some of those fashion shows were also featured in the nation wide printed mags "Sorpresa" and "¡Qué Me Dices!". Even nowadays she's into those kind os shows from time to time...

She was a finalist in the national TV show "Top Noche", as well as the winner of several national Go-Go Dancing contests, which led her to wider artistic horizons.

Serious and highly professional, she was often required as the main stage and performance designer for the most upfront fashion shows. Today she's working head to head with the well-known fashion designer Didesant from León, creating the artistic side of the shows.

After being an exclusive model, during 2 years, for the "Absoluto" fashion brand from Barcelona, she became an exclusive model for the young and talented designer Carolina Velasco from León, as well as for the designer Santiago García, from the international brand Didesant. These last two designers created a great variety of fashion dressings for this artist.

With all the impressive background she got at 16, her curiosity was aroused by the DJ world. So she got a low budget sound system and, after a hard and restless practising time, in only 5 months she was already DJing (light sessions) at the "Café-Pub Millennium" and the "Pub Equilibrio" in León, where she improved her skills by working side to side with the best House DJ of the area at that time: Miguel Serra. After, during a summer in Tenerife, she worked there at the "Pub Vanguardia".

While she was working for that agency, she took the chance to do one step beyond towards the new world she liked, so at 19 she moved to London (UK), jumping to a higher artistic level in the music capitol of Europe. With her DJ set she got into the very best UK's House, DJing at several private parties in London and being an active part of many shows with innovative formats.

All those experiences in that stay in London were afterwards a strong source of inspiration when she founded her own show biz agency (after moving back to Spain): D.M. Productions (Shows Agency), in León. After a hard work seeking new talents, she started an agency's office in Granada, managed by Ambel (conductor at TV Andalucía), and 4 years after another one in Madrid, managed by Pablo Camps (a highly respected professional Ballet and Flamenco dancer).

The style and good taste of her performances and shows led her to perform at top venues like "Octopus" and "Queen" (Galicia), "La Real" and "Quattro Dance" (Asturias), "Oxi" and "Delfos" (Ponferrada), "Oh! León" and "Glam Teatre" (León), "La Moncloa" and "La Misión" (Zamora), "La Rosaleda", "Pacha" and "Factory" (Valladolid), "El Chili" (Palencia), "Aixa Galiana" (Ávila), "Rocódromo" (Madrid), "Bariloche" (Jaén), "Mae West" and "El Embrujo" (Granada), "Pacha" (Alicante), "Amnesia" (Ibiza) and "Ministry Of Sound" (London), working alongside many world top DJs like Marco Bailey, Jeff Mills, Carl Cox, Surgeon, Cristian Varela, Mulero, Pepo, Misstress Barbara, Mónica X, Paco Osuna, Joton, etc

At that time, she concentrated on her agency, although she was still DJing at a few exclusive parties (Tech-House & Techno). She did live DJing at "Blue & Delfos" (Ponferrada), "Channel" (Carrizo), "Gabanna" (León), "Budda" (Granada) and some Techno parties (Ardón, Valdebimbre y Bustillo, in the León area).

In 2011 she was called by several music producers of the León area to perform vocals on their songs. Once in the studios, she discovered the insights of another fascinating world: music production. So at the end of that year she began a basic course on that matter by the international Techno producer Joton.

As somebody talented and enthusiastic, Miss Jay Venssa wanted to go further with more advanced and deep studies on music and audio production with Fernán García (sound technician, music producer and arranger which worked for several national and international labels). Nowadays, this highly acclaimed professional (who is mixing and mastering all her works) is teaming up with Miss Jay Venssa, and has become an essential part of her music side.

Always getting the inspiration in her own music, her career is already rising up as a singer, deejay and producer!.

Faithful to the vinyl, that direct touch with her hands on the heart of the music itself gives Miss Jay Venssa that magic inspiration opening her mind and heart to different music styles.

Miss Jay Venssa is a unique woman, with uncommon artistic and personal qualities... serious at work, extremely pefectionist and funny. As she often says: "just do it properly or you'd better not do it". Miss Jay Venssa's music is a reflex of her everyday life, what she's feeling, what she loves, what she wants... So, most of all, don't you lose track about this awesome woman, 'cause you'll hear a lot about her soon...